Winnipeg Comiccon 2023

We are excited again to be partnering with Winnipeg Comiccon again to provide their game lounge, 27-29 October, at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg.

Entry to the game lounge is free as part of your Comiccon ticket.

We are a friendly space to all, perhaps you are already well-versed in modern table top games or last board-game was Sorry, Monopoly or Chutes & Ladders in the cottage on a rainy day in your early teens? Either way come along and say hi, let us show you our new favourites!

We like to think of ourselves as a bit of a calm oasis for people looking to rest their legs from the signing lines and vendors hall. We offer plenty of seating and table space to play your newest purchase or to try something from our lending library of around 100 of our favourite games, with the bonus of our friendly and helpful volunteers to recommend a game you may not have tried before, or that fits your schedule (starting that 12 hour game of twilight imperium means you might miss your chance to meet Appa or Sam Gamgee).

We are introducing some scheduled games this year, and so whilst (as always) subject to change, if any of these catch your eye come see us.

Friday, 27 October
6 pm – Boop! (and other 2 player games)
7 pm – Rush and Bash
8 pm – Boop! (and other 2 player games)

Saturday, 28 October
1 pm – Happy Salmon tournaments
4 pm – Giant Jenga tournament
5 pm – Boop! (and other 2 player games)

Sunday, 29 October
2 pm – Rush and Bash
3 pm – Boop! (and other 2 player games)