Vendors and Designers

Game-itoba is excited to partner with so many different companies as part of our event, here is a sneak peak of the vendors and designers who you can find at our event!

Marquee Vendors

A Muse N Games is your friendly local game store specializing in card games, role playing games and board games as well as locally made fantastic creations. We share our love of tabletop gaming by providing an exceptional retail experience and a welcoming place for people to share their hobbies with others through organized play.

Game Knight Games and Cool Stuff – We are Winnipeg’s #1 source for all your tabletop gaming needs. Featuring the city’s largest selection of board games, we have a huge gaming capable of holding more than 50 people, plus additional smaller more intimate rooms. We rent board games, have a huge selection of used games, and an amazing selection of miniatures paints and supplies. Some of the brands we carry include: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering, WarHammer, Pokemon, Chessex Dice, Wizkids and Reaper miniatures, and too many board game titles to mention!

Victory Pints is here to quench your thirst for board games. We strive to have the best variety of board games in stock, and we are happy to order in anything you are looking for. Our shop is conveniently located less than 5 minutes away from the convention, down Henderson at the corner of Hespleler Ave. Come check it out!

We would like to say a special thank-you to our Marquee Vendors, without their generous support Game-itoba would not be possible.

Table Sponsors

The following companies were generous enough to support multiple games tables at our convention, please consider supporting them and if you do, let them know how you heard about them and thank them for their generous support.

  • Arctic Board Games – Arctic Board Games is a Canada wide board game and miniature retailer based out of Steinbach, Manitoba and the only dedicated board game retailer in Steinbach. Take a trip out there and say we said hello!
  • Across the Board – A game store and cafe in Winnipeg’s Exchange District seconds away from Main Street.
  • McNally Robinson – an independent bookseller with excellent board game and RPG section, committed to the values of community bookselling, and determined to present an alternative to corporate-chain bookstores.


  • Blacks Sideshow – Black’s Sideshow provides visual entertainment for fandom fans, geeks and fine furry folks who delight in the unexpected humour of life. Art, comics and Other Oddities. Ask about our custom commissions!
  • Calder’s Crafts – Create stunning wooden games accessories, including dice boxes, trays and towers.
  • Compose Dreams Games – Publisher of Simple Superheroes and the Unleashed Engine and purveyor of our multi-publisher Canadian RPG Marketplace.
  • Grey Duck Dice – We’re Trish and Nick and we specialize in dice with glitter, mylar, and cellophane inclusions because the world needs a bit more sparkle.  Occasionally purchasers are treated to hair from one of our 3 dogs. Nick and Trish enjoy tabletop games, RPGs, and outdoor activities.  The dogs mostly love snuggles and barking at the squirrels.
  • KarasuNest – I create Resin pieces, mainly resin dice. Love my fandoms and I hope to bring those fandoms into my resin work!
  • Mush3D – We are a 3D printing and modeling business. We offer a broad selection of items but our main focus is video game and anime collectibles along with a growing catalog of tabletop gaming accessories. We also carry a variety of articulated dragons which are always a crowd favourite! And as stated in our name we also do custom designs and models such as OC miniatures and cosplay props/weapons.
  • PrairiePrinters3D – We 3D print colourful articulating models, toys, giftware, party and gaming and board game accessories. Some of the board game accessories we make include dice towers, dice guardians, dice jails and dragons.

Local Designers

As always we are excited to support the local tabletop games design community, expect to see these designers out on the game floor demonstrating, promoting and selling their games.

  • C.J.R.R. Penner Productions – a passionate game developer and fantasy writer working on the Arcane Dominion TTRPG project, which is designed to give players the freedom to customize their characters through in-game Training. Find rulebooks, stories, quests, items, characters, and more to add to your world of adventure!
  • Elite Adventures – a team that is passionate about D&D and thanks to COVID we discovered a new way to share our love for the game all across the world! Using the powerful Roll20 platform, we are able to provide our players with an unforgettable experience, using lighting, music, full image backgrounds and maps! In February 2023 we decided to take things a step further by publishing unique 5e modules for everyone to enjoy and play at their own tables! Since then we have partnered with the insanely talented 2D Storyteller who has created fully animated maps and assets for some of our modules! In only 10 short months we have been able to publish 5 fully plug-and-playable modules all fully integrated into Roll20! As head content creator and marketplace manager DM Lytha will be running 2 of these modules over the Game-Itoba Convention weekend, as well as a returning fan favourite! She will also be hosting a drop-in 5e character creation workshop where new players can learn how to create their own 5e characters and veterans can learn new tips and tricks on how to make the best builds possible.
  • Glass Jar Games – Whether it’s facing a friend head-to-head or bringing a party to the next level, we’ve got games for you.
  • GMB Chomichuk is an award-winning writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in comics, graphic novels, books, role-playing games, film, television and theatre. They will be the games room running Danger in the Details games all weekend.
  • Idols of Torment – Come join Jeremy (aka Black Magic Craft) and JP to learn all about their skirmish miniatures game, described in their successful kickstarter as “my love letter to horror, hobby, and gaming“.
  • Kinson Key Games Kinson Key Games is an indie board game publisher located in Tennessee, aiming to design and publish theme-forward games that live in the medium-heavy complexity range. Founded in 2020. Come check out their latest game “Galactic Cruise”, a heavy, euro worker placement played over a variable number of rounds over the weekend.
  • Q4ia is a company focused on creating fun, memorable experiences for people of all ages through our tabletop games, reviews, tutorials, printables, and more! Come check out the medley of their own games and favorites from other publishers through the weekend.
  • Valor & Villainy, creators of Lludwick’s Labyrinth, Minions of Mordak and Antagonists Arsenal will be with us all weekend!

Special Thanks!

We would also like to extend our appreciation to The Army Painter who have very graciously donated paints, brushes and supplies for our paint & take table. If you have ever wanted to dip your toe into painting the lovely miniatures in your board games the speedpaint range is a great way to shade and highlight in just one coat.

And last, but very much not least, our ongoing thanks to scorpiusoka7 who not only designed our fabulous logo but a lot of the graphics and layouts we use.