The Vault (2019)

Are you as excited as us to try a new games at Game-iToba?

Thanks to generous loans from individuals and organisations in Winnipeg, we are expecting to be able to offer over 500 games that you can pick up and play from The Vault. This is on top of the more than 200 scheduled games that are also available throughout the weekend.

This list will not be populated in full until the Friday of convention, come check out the Vault.

Feel free to try out something new! Perhaps you will find a new favourite amongst the collection*.

(Note:- a few people have reported seeing no table and an error message, refreshing your browser seems to solve this, sorry for any inconvenience)

Game Name
Kindly provided by
5211A Muse N Games
1313 Deadend DriveTami S
5-Minute MarvelA Muse N Games
60 Seconds to Save the WorldPlay n Trade
7 WondersA Muse N Games
7 Wonders DuelA Muse N Games
A Game of Thrones - the board gamePlay n Trade
A Game of Thrones: Hand of the KingA Muse N Games
above and belowGame Knight
Action Cats!A Muse N Games
action pupsA Muse N Games
Adventure Time FluxxA Muse N Games
agent hunterGame Knight
AgricolaA Muse N Games
Agricola The Big BoxA Muse N Games
alchemistsGame Knight
alhambraGame Knight
alien frontiersGame Knight
anomia: party editionGame Knight
Apples to ApplesGame-iToba
Apples to ApplesTami S
aquariusGame Knight
arboretumA Muse N Games
ARGHA Muse N Games
Arkham Horror 3rd editionA Muse N Games
ascensionGame Knight
Asgard's ChosenA friend of Game-iToba
AzulA Muse N Games
AzulM Hofer
Azul Stained Glass of SintraA Muse N Games
Banana BanditsA Muse N Games
banditosGame Knight
BatameuhA Muse N Games
BatanimoA Muse N Games
BatasaurusA Muse N Games
Batman FluxxA Muse N Games
Battle KittensA Muse N Games
battle lineGame Knight
Battle PeguinsA Muse N Games
Battle PenguinsM Hofer
Battle SheepA Muse N Games
Battle SheepA Muse N Games
Betrayal at House on the Hill (with Widow's Walk expansion)A Muse N Games
beyond baker streetGame Knight
bibliosGame Knight
Black FleetM Hofer
blokusGame Knight
Blood Brawl: Team ManagerJason S
Blood RagePlay n Trade
blue lagoonGame Knight
bombayGame Knight
Boss MonsterDaryl O
Boss Monster 2Daryl O
Brew-opolyTami S
Brick PartyM Hofer
bunny bunny moose mooseGame Knight
bunny kingdomGame Knight
Ca$h 'n Guns (Second Edition)A Muse N Games
camel upGame Knight
Camel UpMichael N
Captain SonarA Muse N Games
car warsGame Knight
carcassonneGame Knight
Carcassonne: Hunters and GatherersNathan B
Cards For HilarityMichael N
Carnival of MonstersA Muse N Games
carnival of monstersGame Knight
Cash ‘n’ GunsGame-iToba
castellionGame Knight
Castle PanicA Muse N Games
castle ravenloftGame Knight
Caverna: The Cave FarmersA Muse N Games
Century Eastern WondersA Muse N Games
Century: Spice RoadA Muse N Games
Chemistry FluxxA Muse N Games
ChessTami S
Chess (The Lewis Chessmen)Nathan B
Choose Your Own Adventure: House of DangerA Muse N Games
chopstick dexterity megaGame Knight
ChrononautsDonated by Loony Labs
ChrononautsTami S
citadels classicGame Knight
civilization a new dawnGame Knight
Clank! In! Space!A Muse N Games
Click Clack LumberjackTami S
ClueTami S
Cockroach PokerGame-iToba
Cockroach PokerA Muse N Games
CodenamesNathan B
CodenamesA Muse N Games
Codenames: DuetA Muse N Games
Codenames: MarvelA Muse N Games
Codenames: PicturesA Muse N Games
Colt ExpressA Muse N Games
ComanautsA Muse N Games
ConceptA Muse N Games
Concept Kids AnimalsA Muse N Games
CorinthA Muse N Games
CosmocracyPlay n Trade
costa ruanaGame Knight
CoupDaryl O
Cover Your AssetsA Muse N Games
Cover Your AssetsM Hofer
CovertPlay n Trade
CraniumTami S
CribbageTami S
Crop CycleM Hofer
curiosGame Knight
Cursed CourtA Muse N Games
CytosisPlay n Trade
D&D Conquest of Nerath (Board Game)A friend of Game-iToba
Da Vinci’s ChallengeM Hofer
dastardly dirigiblesGame Knight
DC Comics Deck-Building Game (with Batman vs the Joker & Teen Titans)A Muse N Games
Dead of Winter: Long NightGame-iToba
Dead PanicGame-iToba
Deadpool vs The WorldGame-iToba
DecryptoA Muse N Games
decryptoGame Knight
descent 2eGame Knight
DiamoniakA Muse N Games
Dice ForgeA Muse N Games
Dice Throne: Season OneA Muse N Games
dice townMichael N
dimensionGame Knight
Dino WorldA Muse N Games
Dinosaur IslandPlay n Trade
DiskwarsPlay n Trade
disney villainousGame Knight
DixitA Muse N Games
Doctor Who FluxxA Muse N Games
Dominion (w/all expansions to November 2019)M Hofer
Domino MayaM Hofer
DominoesM Hofer
Dragon FlameJason S
Dragon's BreathA Muse N Games
Dragon’s BreathGame-iToba
dragonfireGame Knight
Dread CurseGame-iToba
dudeA Muse N Games
Dungeon PetzJason S
Dutch BlitzGame-iToba
Dwar7s DuelTami S
EclipseA friend of Game-iToba
elder signGame Knight
Eldritch HorrorA Muse N Games
ElysiumM Hofer
EmpriseMichael N
Epic Card GameA Muse N Games
Epic Spell Wars Daryl O
epic spell wars: duelGame Knight
Era of KingdomsM Hofer
escape: curse of theGame Knight
EthnosPlay n Trade
Evolution: ClimateA Muse N Games
Exiled LegendsA Muse N Games
EXIT: The Pharoah’s TombGame-iToba
ExposedM Hofer
falloutGame Knight
FamilouA Muse N Games
Fantasy BaseballM Hofer
Firefly FluxxA Muse N Games
firefly: the board gameGame Knight
FisticuffsM Hofer
Five TribesTami S
flipshipsGame Knight
FluxxA Muse N Games
Fluxx DiceA Muse N Games
Fluxx Star TrekA Muse N Games
Fluxx Star Trek Deep Space NineA Muse N Games
Fog of LoveA Muse N Games
folklore afflictionGame Knight
FoodiesA Muse N Games
forbidden desertGame Knight
Forbidden IslandGame-iToba
Forbidden IslandA Muse N Games
Funky ChickenA Muse N Games
Fury of draculaDaryl O
FUSEA Muse N Games
Galaxy TruckerGame-iToba
Game of LifeTami S
game of thrones: theGame Knight
geek out!Game Knight
Get Bit!A Muse N Games
get bit!Game Knight
get me a fresh brain!Game Knight
Get Me A Fresh Brain!M Hofer
Get the MacguffinDonated by Loony Labs
Get the MacGuffinA Muse N Games
Ghost BlitzA Muse N Games
Ghost Blitz JuniorA Muse N Games
gizmosA Muse N Games
Go Cuckoo!A Muse N Games
gods forgeJohn F
Gorus MaximusA Muse N Games
grand austria hotelGame Knight
gyrating hamstersGame Knight
Happy SalmonTami S
Happy SalmonA Muse N Games
Happy Salmon GreenA Muse N Games
Healthy Heart HospitalPlay n Trade
Here, Kitty, Kitty!Tami S
Here, Kitty, Kitty!A Muse N Games
Hero RealmsA Muse N Games
heroes of black reachGame Knight
Hey, That's My FishPlay n Trade
HiboufouA Muse N Games
High TreasonM Hofer
hogwarts battleGame Knight
HongaA Muse N Games
HonshuPlay n Trade
Hungry Hungry HipposTami S
Ice BreakerM Hofer
imhotep A Muse N Games
imhotep the duelA Muse N Games
Impact: Battle of ElementsTami S
Imperial SettlersPlay n Trade
InisA Muse N Games
Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to KingA Muse N Games
Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to KingA Muse N Games
JaipurA Muse N Games
Judge for yourselfJason S
Jumanji FluxxA Muse N Games
Jurassic SnackA Muse N Games
Just DessertsA Muse N Games
Just OneA Muse N Games
kahunaGame Knight
kaiju crushGame Knight
kamigami battles river ofGame Knight
kanagawaGame Knight
KarubaA Muse N Games
Karuba JuniorA Muse N Games
Keep Calm (And Game On)Nathan B
King of New YorkA Muse N Games
King of New YorkMichael N
King of TokyoGame-iToba
King of TokyoA Muse N Games
King of TokyoMichael N
kingdom builderGame Knight
Kingdominio (Giant Version)Tami S
KingdominoNathan B
KingdominoA Muse N Games
KingdominoM Hofer
KingsburgM Hofer
kingsburgJohn F
kittens in a blenderGame Knight
KobayakawaA Muse N Games
kodamaGame Knight
Labyrinth (Ravensburger)Tami S
LanternsNathan B
Lanterns: The Harvest FestivalA Muse N Games
LascauxNathan B
Legendary: Big Trouble in Little CHINANathan B
Legendary: Buffy the Vampire SlayerNathan B
letter jamGame Knight
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!A Muse N Games
Little ActionA Muse N Games
Little Big FishA Muse N Games
Little Bird, Big HungerA Muse N Games
Llama card gameA Muse N Games
lords of waterdeepGame Knight
lost cities card gameGame Knight
Lost in R’lyehM Hofer
lotusGame Knight
Love Letter PremiumA Muse N Games
Lovecraft LetterDaryl O
Machi KoroGame-iToba
Machi KoroM Hofer
Machi Koro: Deluxe EditionA Muse N Games
Mafia de CubaM Hofer
Mage Knight Board GameA Muse N Games
Magic: The Gathering - Arena of the PlaneswalkersPlay n Trade
Marvel FluxxA Muse N Games
MascaradeA Muse N Games
MasmoraPlay n Trade
Math FluxxA Muse N Games
mental blocksGame Knight
meteorGame Knight
Mice and MysticsPlay n Trade
MicropolisA Muse N Games
Mini RummyTami S
Mission x-codeA Muse N Games
MisticatA Muse N Games
MixamatouA Muse N Games
MixamatouA Muse N Games
Monkey's in a BarrellTami S
MonopolyJason S
Monopoly: Star Wars Episode IA friend of Game-iToba
Monster ChaseA Muse N Games
Moral DilemmaTami S
mord im arosaGame Knight
Munchkin CthulhuA Muse N Games
Munchkin OzA Muse N Games
Munchking Loot LetterA Muse N Games
mysteriumGame Knight
Mystic ValeA Muse N Games
nagarajaGame Knight
NanofictionaryDonated by Loony Labs
NanofictionaryA Muse N Games
neon godsGame Knight
New AngelesPlay n Trade
NHL Power Play Team-Building Card GameM Hofer
NMBR 9A Muse N Games
no thanks!Game Knight
NoctilucaA Muse N Games
obscurioGame Knight
oh my goldGame Knight
Oh My Goods!A Muse N Games
Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card GameA Muse N Games
one keyA Muse N Games
onirimGame Knight
OnitamaPlay n Trade
Onitama (with expansions)M Hofer
Operation (The Simpsons Ed.)Tami S
Oz FluxxA Muse N Games
PandemicA Muse N Games
Pandemic ContagionDaryl O
Pandemic IberiaGame-iToba
Pandemic Reign of ChtulhuGame-iToba
Pandemic: ContagionA Muse N Games
Pandemic: Fall of RomeA Muse N Games
Pandemic: In the LabA Muse N Games
Pandemic: On the BrinkA Muse N Games
Pandemic: Reign of CthulhuNathan B
Pandemic: Rising TideA Muse N Games
PaperbackM Hofer
Pass the PandasA Muse N Games
PatchworkA Muse N Games
Patchwork DoodleA Muse N Games
Patchwork ExpressA Muse N Games
PentagoM Hofer
periodicGame Knight
Periodic: A Game of The ElementsA Muse N Games
personally incorrectGame Knight
PerudoA Muse N Games
PhotosynthesisA Muse N Games
PictomaniaMichael N
PiepmatzA Muse N Games
PipoloA Muse N Games
PiratatakA Muse N Games
PlanetNathan B
PlanetA Muse N Games
Planet DefendersPlay n Trade
point saladGame Knight
PoleconomyJason S
Poni SchemeM Hofer
Potion ExplosionPlay n Trade
Potion ExplosionA Muse N Games
PowergridTami S
QueendominoA Muse N Games
Raiders of the North SeaPlay n Trade
Railroad Ink: Blazing Red EditionA Muse N Games
Raise Your GobletsPlay n Trade
RaptorTami S
RaxxonA Muse N Games
red dragon innGame Knight
red dragon innGame Knight
red dragon innGame Knight
Red dragon inn 1-5Michael N
Red Dragon Inn 3Jason S
Red ScarePlay n Trade
Relative InsanityM Hofer
Rent a HeroA Muse N Games
rental agents of smershGame Knight
rental banduGame Knight
rental blue printsGame Knight
rental braintopiaGame Knight
rental castles of mad kingGame Knight
rental code stackGame Knight
rental dungeon saga: the dwarfGame Knight
rental hengistGame Knight
rental isleboundGame Knight
rental key to the city:Game Knight
rental kingsburgGame Knight
rental knitwitGame Knight
rental libertaliaGame Knight
rental oceanosGame Knight
rental the gameGame Knight
rental tiny townsGame Knight
rental what the heckGame Knight
Retro LoonacyA Muse N Games
RevolutionA friend of Game-iToba
Rhino HeroGame-iToba
Rhino HeroA Muse N Games
Rhino Hero: Super BattleA Muse N Games
riff raffGame Knight
Rising SunPlay n Trade
robo rallyGame Knight
Run Fight Or Die: ReloadedTami S
SaboteurA Muse N Games
Saboteur: The DuelA Muse N Games
saboteur: the duelGame Knight
saboteur: the lost minesGame Knight
safranitoGame Knight
samarkandGame Knight
San JuanA Muse N Games
SardinesA Muse N Games
save doctor luckyGame Knight
ScarabyaA Muse N Games
Scotland YardJason S
ScrabbleTami S
scytheGame Knight
SecretsA Muse N Games
Sentinels of the MultiverseJason S
seven dragonsGame Knight
seventh heroGame Knight
shadow gamesGame Knight
Shadow Hunters (with Exansion)M Hofer
Sheriff of NottinghamGame-iToba
Sinister SixA Muse N Games
slide questGame Knight
Slush Fund 2M Hofer
Small WorldA Muse N Games
small worldGame Knight
Smash Up (with so many expansions!)A Muse N Games
Snail SprintTami S
SorcererA Muse N Games
Space BaseA Muse N Games
Specter OpsPlay n Trade
SpidMonstersA Muse N Games
spirit islandGame Knight
SplendorA Muse N Games
Spot ItTami S
SquelettosA Muse N Games
Star FluxxGame-iToba
Star Realms: FrontiersA Muse N Games
Star Trek Chrono-TrekA Muse N Games
Star wars Outer RimA Muse N Games
Starship SamuraiA Muse N Games
start playerGame Knight
steam torpedoGame Knight
Stone AgeA Muse N Games
Stone AgeDaryl O
Stoner LoonacyA Muse N Games
Stratego: Lord of the Rings, Trilogy EditionA friend of Game-iToba
Stuffed FablesA Muse N Games
Summit: The Board GameA Muse N Games
Super MunchkinA Muse N Games
Survive: Escape from AtlantisGame-iToba
sushi draftGame Knight
Sushi Go!A Muse N Games
TakM Hofer
TakenokoNathan B
TakenokoJason S
tale of piratesGame Knight
Tell Tales Fairy TalesTami S
TempurraA Muse N Games
Terraforming MarsDaryl O
Terror in MeeplecityTami S
TerrorEyesA Muse N Games
Tesla vs. EdisonPlay n Trade
That's a Question!A Muse N Games
the big book of madnessGame Knight
The Farming GameA Muse N Games
The Fox in the ForestTami S
The Legend of the WendigoA Muse N Games
The Lord of the Rings: NazgulA friend of Game-iToba
The Magic LabyrinthA Muse N Games
The MindA Muse N Games
The Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill YouNathan B
The Quacks of QuedlinburgA Muse N Games
the resistanceGame Knight
The RiverA Muse N Games
The Seafarers of CatanA friend of Game-iToba
The Settlers of CatanA friend of Game-iToba
the table is lavaA Muse N Games
The Viking Game: HnefataflNathan B
The Walking Dead (Z-Man)Tami S
the worst game everGame Knight
Three Cheers for MasterM Hofer
three dragon ante (box)Game Knight
Through the Ages: A Story of CivilizationA friend of Game-iToba
Throw Throw BurritoTami S
Ticket to Ride: New YorkNathan B
Ticket to Ride: Nordic CountriesNathan B
time jockeysGame Knight
Time JockeysM Hofer
Timeline: Historical EventsGame-iToba
Timeline: InventionsGame-iToba
timeline: inventionsGame Knight
Timeline: Science and DiscoveriesGame-iToba
Tiny Curling SetTami S
tiny epic galaxiesGame Knight
Tiny Epic GalaxiesM Hofer
Tiny TownsA Muse N Games
Tip Top ClapA Muse N Games
TokaidoNathan B

* We apologise in advance if there are errors in this list, please ask one of our vault volunteers for suggestions for a similar game.