Schedule (2018)

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At Game-iToba you can sign up to play many different games.

To get prepared for Game-iToba, you browse through the entire list of scheduled games below. This list is just for information, you cannot sign up for games here.

Use the arrows to sort by slot and build out your own schedule. Please note: some games run over multiple slots or use several tables (e.g. “7 Wonders Learn to Play”) so you may see the same entry multiple times as that’s how we reflect that. Use the search function to look for specific games.

(Note:- a few people have reported seeing no table and an error message, refreshing your browser seems to solve this, sorry for any inconvenience)

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  • Q: I just see “Error requesting data: cURL error 6: name lookup timed out” above
    A: This has been reported by a few users, a ‘refresh’ of the page resolves the issue (on a mobile device this is usually achieved by dragging down the screen, on your desktop device the F5 key or refresh icon).
  • Q: So when are the slots?
  • Q: I can’t see all of the information I need (i am on my phone).
    A: Our website auto-resizes on mobile devices, so you may only see 3 columns above. Two ways to solve this, either; turn your phone on it’s side (and if you have auto-rotate turned off turn it on) or request the desktop version of the page. Either way you should now see all 5 columns, Name (of the game), Slot(s) (that the game runs in), Location (the table number), GM (your lovely GM, please remember to thank them), Assigned Players (just their badge numbers).