Run games at Game-iToba 2019

If you would like to run games at Game-iToba please let us know by emailing

Before you email us, take a look at the current schedule, and see where you think your game will fit best. Once you have done that, it would be a huge help if you can let us know all of the following information in your email:

  • Your preferred name (as we will display on the system)
  • The email you have registered with (not registered yet, go to
  • And then for each game you want to run we need the following:
    • The star & end slot (see the image for those times), so if you need 4-hours and want to come out on Friday evening that is slot 1-2
    • What kind of play area / table you need (regular 2.5×7, one of the bigger round tables, or perhaps you need 2 of the regular tables pushed together for a 5×7 area?)
    • Name of the Game
    • The total number of _additional_ players you would like (if you are teaching a 2-player game then 2, but if you want to play a game with a maximum of 4 players then you need 3)
    • And last but not least, a short description, especially if you are going to run with expansions, need people to bring things _or_ it’s a homebrew game).
Friday: Slot 1 (starts 18:30), 2 (20:30), 3 (22:30).
Saturday: 4 (9:30), 5 (11:30), 6 (13:30), 7 (15:30) mini-slot, 8 (16:30), 9 (18:30), 10 (20:30), 11 (22:30).
Sunday: 12 (9:30), 13 (11:30), 14 (13:30).