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Did you sign up for games (as an early-bird via email or in person at the con)? Use this handy-dandy page to find your signups.

Simply type your badge number (all 3 digits, e.g. 007) into the search box and the list will be filtered down to your games.

If you want to double-check the most up to date list or are having technical difficulties, ask at the registration desk when you are on-site.

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Assigned Players
18301-3G26Warren Maruschak
Battlestar Galactica1-2H5Jodi Craigen020, 027
Borders of Kanta1G39Chinook Games258, 259, 251, 120
Borders of Kanta1G40Chinook Games
Cast The Ritual1G08Cliff Stornel047, 028, 288, pandemic
Firefly 1-3G18Xiam Webster008, 016, 017, 302, 102
Learn To Play Mythic1G04Jordan Kurbis
Learn To Play Mythic1G05Jordan Kurbis
Learn To Play Mythic1G11Jordan Kurbis
Learn To Play Mythic1G12Jordan Kurbis
Manitoba Pathfinder Society1-14H1PFS
Manitoba Starfinder Society1-14H2SFS
Mini Games: Celestia, Tsuro, Here Kitty Kitty, Kittens in Blender, Timeline, Codenames1G06Maggie Gehman007, 267, 268
Minions of Mordak1G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph006, 002
Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time1G17Greg Sawchyn261, 260, 253
Settlers of Catan1G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie293, 136
Star Wars - Tango Squad: Casino Heist1-2R2Kirby Gehman079
Star Wars: Imperial Assault1M5Kevin Rowe024
Ticket to Ride Qualiferier -America1G36A Muse N Games019, 255, 252, 078, 113
Win, Don't Lose1H8Michael Nerman313, 079
Betrayal at Baldur's Gate2H6Cyarra Pelda035, 036, 276, 277, 010
Borders of Kanta2G39Chinook Games054
Borders of Kanta2G40Chinook Games
Campaign!2G08Ryan Clement127, 115
Dracula's Feast (with Expansions)2H4Michael Hofer309
Fiasco2-3H3David Miller047
Fury of Dracula2-3G07Darryl Oko267, 268, 132
Learn To Play Mythic2G04Jordan Kurbis079, 313
Learn To Play Mythic2G05Jordan Kurbis
Learn To Play Mythic2G11Jordan Kurbis
Learn To Play Mythic2G12Jordan Kurbis
Minions of Mordak2G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph139, 140, 120
Paranoia (RPG)2-3H7Cliff Stornel024, 264, 087, 003, 290
Red Dragon Inn2H8Michael Nerman063, 038
Smallworld 2G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie255
Splendor2G06Maggie Gehman135
Star Trek Attack Wing2-3G34Adam Penner
Star Trek Attack Wing2-3G35Adam Penner
Summit: The Board Game2G17Greg Sawchyn260, 256, 006
Takenoko2G03Jason Small261, 253, 252
Ticket to Ride Qualifier - Rails and Sails2G36A Muse N Games258, 007, 259, 293, 136
Warhammer: The Silver Tower2M6Sadie Swan
Borders of Kanta3G39Chinook Games261, 252
Borders of Kanta3G40Chinook Games
Learn To Play Mythic3G04Jordan Kurbis
Learn To Play Mythic3G05Jordan Kurbis
Learn To Play Mythic3G11Jordan Kurbis
Learn To Play Mythic3G12Jordan Kurbis
Lords of Waterdeep 3G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie253, 079, 042, 079, 313
Minions of Mordak3G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph127
Shadow Hunters3H6Fay Shlanda020, 028
Warhammer: 40,000 - Killteam3M5Mike H & Nathan B139, 140
Borders of Kanta4G39Chinook Games302, 148
Borders of Kanta4G40Chinook Games
Dice Forge4G18Michael Heilmann019, 252, 258, 256
Dominion4G19Justin Bell293, 313
Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, The4G17Greg Sawchyn260, 006
Kingsburg4G26Warren Nightingale261, 253, 259, 251, 079
Mega Civilization (17 players total)4-11G22Warren Maruschak087, 270, 162, 120
Mega Civilization (17 players total)4-11G23Warren Maruschak
Mega Civilization (17 players total)4-11G24Warren Maruschak
Mythic Tournament4-7G04Jordan Kurbis
Splendor4G25Brian Cameron017, 016, 284
Star Wars - Tango Squad: Hoth Escape4-5R2Kirby Gehman024, 031, 278, 028, 023
Star Wars: Imperial Assault4M1Kevin Rowe
Too Many Bones4H6Cyarra Pelda267, 268, 054
Azul5G19Justin Bell258, 259, 006, 284
Borders of Kanta5G39Chinook Games002
Borders of Kanta5G40Chinook Games
Clank!5G25Brian Cameron008, 046, 054, 103
D&D 5th Ed - Top Shelf5-6R1James Hood089
Kingdomino5G18Michael Heilmann007, 061, 313, 079
Lords of Waterdeep5G26Warren Nightingale302, 257, 113, 102, 120
Marvel Legendary5H4Scott Sturby266, 251, 047, 078
Pandemic: The Cure5H8Michael Nerman003
Space Hack RPG - Airlocks and Asteroids5H3Joshua Gehmann
Star Trek Attack Wing5-6G34Adam Penner
Star Trek Attack Wing5-6G35Adam Penner
Star Wars: Imperial Assault5M1Kevin Rowe
Terraforming Mars5G07Darryl Oko261, 018, 252, 017
Ticket to Ride Qualifier - Africa5G36A Muse N Games135, 111, 113
Ticket to Ride Qualifier- Switzerland5G37A Muse N Games293, 032, 033
Tobago5G17Greg Sawchyn253, 267, 268
Too Many Bones5G16Shannon Wedge260, 256, 255, 147
Too Many Bones5H6Cyarra Pelda
Torg Eternity (RPG)5-6H7Cliff Stornel289, 139, 140
Warhammer: The Silver Tower5M6Sadie Swan
Borders of Kanta6G39Chinook Games260, 328
Borders of Kanta6G40Chinook Games
Code Triage6G17Greg Sawchyn261, 252, 047
FEAST6G03Robb Melvin
Get Me a Fresh Brain!6G10Sean Garrity043, 190, 288
Happy Salmon Tournament (18 players max)6V07Game-iToba Demo Team018, 018, 018, 293, 059, 055
Happy Salmon Tournament (18 players max)6V07Game-iToba Demo Team
Happy Salmon Tournament (18 players max)6V07Game-iToba Demo Team
Jamaica6G19Justin Bell253, 258, 259, 046, 284, 028
Learn to Play Warmachine/Hordes6-9M4Massimo Petrelli
Minions of Mordak6G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph
Over 'da Boards6G08Doc Wilson120
Over 'da Boards6G09Doc Wilson
Potion Explosion6G25Brian Cameron054, 003
Shadows over Camelot6-7H8Michael Nerman
Star Wars: Imperial Assault6M1Kevin Rowe190, 197
Stone Age6G26Warren Nightingale255, 008, 302, 113
Taluva6G18Michael Heilmann267, 268
Ticket to Ride Qualifier -Nederlands6G36A Muse N Games019, 254, 135
Ticket to Ride Qualifier- Pennsylvania6G37A Muse N Games007
Too Many Bones6G16Shannon Wedge
Too Many Bones6H6Cyarra Pelda079
7 Wonders Learn to Play7G36A Muse N Games
7 Wonders Learn to Play7G37A Muse N Games
7 Wonders Learn to Play7G38A Muse N Games
Little Drop of Poison7G10Sean Garrity266, 276, 277, 313, 325, 271
Triplock7G16Shannon Wedge261, 253, 252, 259
Unstable Unicorns7H3Jennifer Whitfield061, 278, 222, 079, 206, 039, 040
Werewords7P1David Miller003, 224, 225
7 Wonders Tournament8G29A Muse N Games139, 140, 136, 180, 163, 156
7 Wonders Tournament8G30A Muse N Games179, 135, 221, 145, 147, 126
7 Wonders Tournament8G31A Muse N Games182, 220
7 Wonders Tournament8G36A Muse N Games018, 017, 287, 016
7 Wonders Tournament8G37A Muse N Games
7 Wonders Tournament8G38A Muse N Games
Arkham Horror 3rd Edition8-9P1David Miller119, 010, 020, 003, 078
Asking for Trobils8H5Kris Barton261, 253, 252, 259
Awkward Party8G09Ryan Clement172
Battlestar Galactica8-9H6Cyarra Pelda024, 302, 013, 269
Borders of Kanta8G39Chinook Games
Borders of Kanta8G40Chinook Games
Cast The Ritual8G08Cliff Stornel264, 054, 043, 278
FEAST8G03Robb Melvin
Gorus Maximus8G17Greg Sawchyn
Mini Games: Blokus, Follow, Qwirkle, Love Letter8G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie284
Minions of Mordak8G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph047, 311, 312, 002, 102
Mysterium8H7Fay Shlanda006
Space Hack RPG - Airlocks and Asteroids8H4Joshua Gehmann055, 037, 038
Quelf8G33Jodi Craigen276, 277, 325, 271, 206
Resistance/Werewolf8H3Jason Small
Rhino Hero Tournament (18 players max)8V07Game-iToba Demo Team063
Rhino Hero Tournament (18 players max)8V07Game-iToba Demo Team
Rhino Hero Tournament (18 players max)8V07Game-iToba Demo Team
Star Trek Attack Wing8-9G34Adam Penner
Star Trek Attack Wing8-9G35Adam Penner
Time Jockeys8G10Sean Garrity313, 079
Borders of Kanta9G39Chinook Games311, 312, 079, 313
Borders of Kanta9G40Chinook Games
Carcassonne 9G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie016, 017, 120
Clank!9H8Michael Nerman261, 253, 258
DC Deckbuilding game9G33Xiam Webster255, 007, 008
Flatline - A Fuse Aftershock Game9G17Greg Sawchyn252, 264, 028, 102
mini Games: Celestia, Tsuro, Here Kitty Kitty, Kittens in Blender, Timeline, Codenames9G06Maggie Gehman266, 276, 277, 259
Minions of Mordak9G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph119, 172, 127
Star Wars - Tango Squad: Cloud City Infiltration9-10H3Kirby Gehman006, 047, 023, 139, 140
Ticket to Ride Qualifier- France9G36A Muse N Games111, 136
Ticket to Ride Qualifier- India9G37A Muse N Games135, 111, 136
Borders of Kanta10G39Chinook Games127
Borders of Kanta10G40Chinook Games
Elfenland 10G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie253, 258, 259, 267, 268, 113
Endless Realms RPG10-11P1Doc Wilson024, 264, 043, 190, 245, 119
Everyone is John (Joker) (RPG)10H7Cliff Stornel063, 290, 028
Halls of Judgment10G10Sean Garrity078
Minions of Mordak10G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph042, 302, 206, 190
Space Cadets Away Missions10G17Greg Sawchyn261, 252, 251
Star Trek Attack Wing10-11G34Adam Penner
Star Trek Attack Wing10-11G35Adam Penner
Ticket to Ride Qualifier- United Kingdom10G36A Muse N Games018, 016, 017, 255
Ticket to Ride Qualifier-Old West10G37A Muse N Games008, 003, 111, 254
Who Would Win?10G07Darryl Oko061, 059, 172
Borders of Kanta11G39Chinook Games
Borders of Kanta11G40Chinook Games
Get Me a Fresh Brain!11G10Sean Garrity
Minions of Mordak11G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph261, 253, 252, 292, 028
Ticket to Ride Europe 11G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie016, 017, 111
184612-14G33Warren Maruschak
Borders of Kanta12G39Chinook Games
Borders of Kanta12G40Chinook Games
Imhotep12G17Greg Sawchyn253, 258, 259
Lords of Waterdeep12G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie261, 252, 139, 140
Magical Sunday - Learn to Play Magic12-13G18Jason Small
Magical Sunday - Learn to Play Magic12-13G19Jason Small
Magical Sunday - Learn to Play Magic12-13G25Jason Small
Magical Sunday - Learn to Play Magic12-13G26Jason Small
Minions of Mordak12G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph
The Hacker's Guild12G22Raymond Northcott999, 999, 999, 999
Too Many Bones12G09Cyarra Pelda042, 284, 027, 028
Too Many Bones12G16Shannon Wedge018, 114
Twilight Imperium12-14P1Mark Patek017, 302, 087
Airships13G17Greg Sawchyn253
Borders of Kanta13G39Chinook Games
Borders of Kanta13G40Chinook Games
Camel Up13H8Michael Nerman261, 252, 258, 259
Fiasco: Frozen S&@#!hole, A Winnipeg Playset13H5Ryan Clement024, 290
Halls of Judgment13G10Sean Garrity
Minions of Mordak13G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph251, 284, 027, 119, 233, 040
Munchkin13G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie257, 256
Over 'da Boards13G04Doc Wilson126
Over 'da Boards13G05Doc Wilson
Rush and Bash Tournament (18 players max)13G01Game-iToba Demo Team018, 018, 063, 061, 003, 018
Rush and Bash Tournament (18 players max)13G02Game-iToba Demo Team103, 002, 102, 079, 008, 312
Rush and Bash Tournament (18 players max)13G03Game-iToba Demo Team041, 088
The Hacker's Guild13G22Raymond Northcott278, 999, 999, 999
Ticket to Ride Europe- Finals13G36A Muse N Games258, 078, 113, 293
Ticket to Ride Europe- Finals13G37A Muse N Games007, 135, 111, 255
Ticket to Ride Europe- Finals13G38A Muse N Games
Too Many Bones13G09Cyarra Pelda054
Too Many Bones13G16Shannon Wedge
Warhammer: The Silver Tower13M6Sadie Swan
Borders of Kanta14G39Chinook Games027, 119
Borders of Kanta14G40Chinook Games
Get Me a Fresh Brain!14G10Sean Garrity313, 079, 113
Gorus Maximus14G17Greg Sawchyn261, 253, 252, 258, 259, 284, 028
Minions of Mordak14G15James van Niekerk; Steph Bjornson; Ryan Biddulph278
Over 'da Boards14G04Doc Wilson042
Over 'da Boards14G05Doc Wilson
Settlers of Catan14G32Kira-Lyn Lawrie019, 255, 007, 008
The Hacker's Guild14G22Raymond Northcott293, 999, 999, 999
Pandemic3G29Tim Gehman
Pandemic5G29Tim Gehman
Pandemic9G29Tim Gehman202, 203, 206, 003
Pandemic12G29Tim Gehman293
Free Miniature Paint Demo1-14V11Maxx Collectibles
Free Miniature Paint Demo1-14V12Maxx Collectibles
GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff's demo table1-14G42GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff
GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff's demo table1-14G41GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff
Celestia tournament6G31Darryl Sinclair002, 119, 102, 206
Celestia tournament6G30Darryl Sinclair
Celestia tournament6G29Darryl Sinclair


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