GM information for Game-iToba

Game-itoba is very proud of the work put in by the community for the community at the events, and a key part of this is the work carried out by our volunteer GMs or Game Masters.

What does a GM do?

Our GMs run all kinds of events, this might be, any of the following:

  • Host a board game where they take on the role of a facilitator, helping teach everybody at the table how to play one of their favourite games.
  • Be the Dungeon Master/Game Master/Storyteller/Referee in a short 1-2 or 3-4 hour ‘one-shot’ style Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG).
  • Bring a Wargame/Miniatures game, all of the scenery and miniatures for others to play, whilst you take on the role as a mentor.
  • Bring a tabletop hobby related crafting activity and the components for somebody to take home what they made. As well as the exceptionally popular ‘paint and take’ from Maxx Collectables we have also had GMs run workshops with Hirst Arts Moulds and sessions on how to make treasure/objective tokens for miniatures games.
  • Or even something entirely different related to tabletop gaming. We love to hear new ideas.

What makes a good GM?

There are so many things you can do to make your players experience a great one. Here are some key points:

  • Come prepared and assume your players may be new to the game.
    • Know your game well. Consider preparing handouts and cheat sheets for the players, if they would be helpful.
    • For complicated games, think in advance about how you will introduce key concepts of the game.
    • Take a look at any tutorial videos from the publisher for ideas to steal on how to explain complicated concepts.
  • Consider house-rules that might simplify particularly awkward parts of the game that are hard to pick up on the first pass.
  • Make sure you have a good idea of how long a game can take. Slots at Game-iToba tend to be around 1¾ hours (with a 15-minute buffer in case things run long).
    • If your game is likely to take two or more hours, consider running it over two slots.
    • If your game is shorter then consider running multiple rounds or even different games in that slot.
  • Be there to teach and share. If you do find yourself playing the game in order to teach and share your love for it (or meet that important ‘minimum fun player’ threshold), it’s great in those circumstances to focus your role on teaching and helping others who may be very new to the game.
  • Focus on making sure everyone around the table is having fun, engaged and learning.
  • And as always don’t forget Wheaton’s Law.

By all means get in touch with us if you would like help and advice, Another great resource on how to introduce people to new games is the book “The Civilized Guide to Tabletop Gaming” by Teri Litorco.

Do I get anything for being a GM?

Absolutely yes you do.

For every ‘slot’ in which you run a game, you will get one ticket for our volunteer prize draw.
The content of the draw is still to be determined but we expect this will be at least a $400 value in total. It may be split across a number of prizes so that more of our GMs can be winners!

Note: The Game-itoba team and their partners/significant other(s), who run a huge number of games for us as well as providing significant logistical support through the year, are not eligible for these benefits. This draw is intended for GMs who volunteer some, or in many cases, much of their convention time helping others learn their favorite games.

Do I also get a free pass?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to give free passes to the event for GMs. While we know some larger conventions can give away free passes for a day or half-day volunteering for them, given the nature of our event and space constraints, it is just not possible for us to do the same.

We hope that you agree that our volunteer prize draw is a great incentive to reward those GMs who are kind enough to help out.

How do I become a GM?

Make sure you have read this document, as well as and are comfortable with their contents.

Get in touch with us with details on the game(s) you would like to run.

Help us out with as much information as possible about the games you want to run, make sure your description helps sell any unique features about how you will run the game.

You can give us this information by filling in this form

Email us at with any questions.