Code of Conduct

At any Game-iToba event, or any event where Game-iToba is providing a gaming space, we ask that participants help us provide an excellent gaming experience for everybody. We strongly believe all participants, regardless of their gender, ability, age, ethnicity, or sexuality should feel safe and included.

If you have any concerns about the behaviour of another participant, please bring those concerns to a member of Game-iToba Staff as soon as possible so that we may address your concern. We ask that you support Game-iToba and each other to ensure our gaming community is one of inclusion and respect!

Be Excellent to Each Other.
Harassment, disorderly conduct (behaviour or language that is discriminatory, obscene or abusive) will not be tolerated. Such behaviour may result in ejection from the Event.

Game-iToba is a family-friendly event.
Consumption of intoxicants, possession or display of weapons (real or imitation) are not appropriate behaviour. Welcome participants to your games of all ages as appropriate. Let’s help nurture the next generation of gamers with excellent gamespersonship.

Show off your Game-iToba badge with pride.
At events organised by Game-iToba directly, Game-iToba badges must be worn at all times and displayed prominently while on-site. Badges are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and cannot be replaced. If you do not have your badge, you will not be allowed entry. At events where Game-iToba is providing a gaming space for another event/organisation, the badging/wristband policy of that event applies.

Game-iToba asks that participants consider suitability of a costume in the context of a tabletop gaming environment in confined spaces. Game-iToba reserves the right to ask participants to remove/modify costume items that may cause offense, present a safety concern or are likely to contribute to obstructions within the gaming space.

The Vault.
The majority of our vault belongs to gamers just like you, who have been kind enough to lend us their games for the event. Please handle the games with care, repack them as you found them (or better) and ensure games are returned before the end of the event. If damage occurs, parts are missing or there are other issues with a game please let us know as quickly as possible. If you find random board-game components (meeples, tokens, rules sheets) please return them to the Game-iToba Vault so they can be reunited with their box.

Smile – you may be on camera.
By attending a Game-iToba event, or an event where Game-iToba is providing a gaming space, you acknowledge that people, including representatives of Game-iToba, are using audio-visual equipment at the event. Your image may be captured in still images and audio/video recordings that may be disseminated, reproduced, or displayed in print or online without your consent and without any compensation to you. You also release Game-iToba, the Game-iToba board and the Game-iToba organizing committee from any legal liability for such filming, photography or dissemination. Game-iToba will not “tag” or otherwise directly identify individuals in photos posted on social media. Game-iToba cannot be held responsible for other individuals doing so.

All membership sales are final.
No refunds or exchanges will be issued for any reason.

Attendee Responsibilities.
You assume full responsibility and liability for yourself, and those under your supervision, during your participation in and attendance of the event. You also assume all risks and dangers incidental to the event, including loss of or damage to property, personal injury or death, and hereby forever release, discharge and hold Game-iToba, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, contractors, agents or representatives harmless from any claim arising from such risk, even if arising from the negligence of Game-iToba, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, contractors, agents or representatives, or by third parties.