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Team Helvetiq is pulling one of its strongest cards against Covid-19: print-and-play adaptation of best-selling Bandido.

Play to keep the virus away: if you cooperate, we can do it!

How to make this game at home ?
1. Print.
2. Scissor Time! Little hands are welcome to help ๐Ÿ™‚
3. Your game is ready!

and please post photos of your games... it gives us positive energy

Download versions in English, French and German here:

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The Demo Team is staying home but still looking at ways to keep playing and teaching games! Check out what Nathan has been up to with Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game by Upper Deck and respond if you want to play along:

Like so many semi-cooperative games, Legendary can be played solo by controlling two hands and playing a regular two-player game. However, the solo rules in the core game (expanded in the Dark City) expansion are a really interesting twist.

Since we are all hiding from the outside world right now I thought I may as well get a few games in and really explore this side of the game. My last game was Thor, Lady Thor and Korg vs Loki (Mastermind) along with the Enemies of Asgard attempting to Unleash the Power of the Cosmic Cube (Scheme).

Want to play along? It's really only different to the main game in terms of scoring (see the rules for that) and the way you build the deck.

Villain deck is made up of the following:
- 1 Bystander
- 5 Master Strikes
- 8 Scheme Twists
- 5 Master strikes
- 8 (the normal amount of) Enemies of Asgard (Villain)
- 3 Doombots (Henchmen)

I scored 28 points (40 points of defeated villains/mastermind, less 12 for four scheme twists and no bad guys escaped) and think I got really lucky here. Had more scheme twists come out, wound cards would have really started to slow me down. If the destroyer comes out at the right time it cleans out a lot of your less-useful starting cards. (He took out two agents and a trooper for me).

Pick your team of three heroes. If you only own the base set then Thor + Hulk + Wolverine or Captain America would be a good combo. If you own as many expansions as I do, heroes with might and those that synergize well will give you a much easier time than a random mix. Play a couple of games and post you best scores and an action shot in the comments!

- Nathan

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"I go there?"
Furry household members are joining in on the #tabletopgames while folks are staying at home. #socialdistancing
@zmangames_ Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers

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